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Window Screen Tips.

Keeping your window screens clean is a task that most homeowners never think about.  Not only will a dirty window screen hinder your view, but the screen acts as a filter for the outside air coming into your home. Allowing dirt, dust and debris to build up on your window screens will also degrade the life of the screening material itself. Trapped dirt may also lead to mold on the screens which could cause sinus and allergy irritation. Keeping your screens cleaned will not only allow for better air quality, they also promote improved airflow and ventilation.

 The screening material could also become damaged by weather degradation, outside objects impacting the screen or improperly removing and installing the screens. It is important to inspect the screen for any holes, tears, rips, or punctures that may be present. 

 Now that you know the importance of window screen cleanliness and conditions, you can feel confident when you see our technicians cleaning your windows screens that it will be with the utmost care and attention to detail. We do not use any harmful chemicals or detergents to clean your windows or window screens. We will also notify you if we find damaged screens prior to our cleaning process. 

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