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How to tell if you have a blown window seal.

Does your window appear to be foggy, cloudy or wet even after a cleaning has been completed? You may have a blown window seal.

Most modern windows are double pane or even triple pane window units. These modern windows typically have a gas called Argon that is between the multiple window panes to prevent extreme heat and cold from entering into your home.  This gas expands during the day and contracts at night during cooler temperatures. Overtime, this process could cause a window seal to be compromised.  There are also several other reason as to why a seal may fail such as:

  • Faulty Installation
  • Manufacture Defect
  • Age of Window
  • Cracked/Split Window Pane
  • High Pressure Water Applied to Glass

Window seal failure can appear in a variety of ways. The most common are:

  • Foggy/Hazy
  • Cloudy
  • Water/Moisture
  • Streaks/Line
  • Metallic lines/rainbows

Not only will a blown window seal be an eye sore, it will also allow the outside temperature to come inside of your home more easily. This could add to your heating and cooling bill and make your home feel drafty.

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